Illustration for article titled Capcom Cautiously Optimistic re: MM9 Sales; Pre-Emptively Debunks All Figures

Nintendo Everything reports Capcom's Christian Svensson, VP of Business Development, says earlier reports of Mega Man 9 doing 140,000 US downloads in one week for the Wii are incorrect. "Any numbers you've seen or quoted are not correct," Svensson said. "That said, I think we're cautiously optimistic about MM9's performance." For the record, VGChartz seems to be the source of the 140,000 figure, which it says would make Mega Man 9 No. 3 for lifetime sales and revenue on WiiWare. Sounds like good enough news to me, considering it doesn't include any PS3 or 360 sales, but it ain't true, says Capcom. Capcom "Cautiously Optimistic" with Mega Man 9 Sales So Far [Nintendo Everything]


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