Illustration for article titled Capcom Brings Dark Void to Gamescom, Shoots Gamers Into the Air

We are a week away from Electronic Arts and Sony Computer Entertainment's press conferences unofficially kicking off the massive Gamecom convention in Cologne and I'm downright giddy.

Capcom is too, it sounds like, shooting off an email about all of the games that they'll have on hand for European gamers to check out.


Lost Planet 2, Monster Hunter Tri, MotoGP, Dark Void, Spyborgs and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars will all be on the show floor this year round.

Because this is Germany's biggest gaming party as well, Capcom isn't just about the games. They've also decided to bring along a Dark Void machine that will let gamers take to the sky on a 180 kmh vertical airstream. I wonder if I've told McWhertor yet that he'll be the one doing that?

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