Capcom Announcing New Game At RE5 Launch Party

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On Thursday the Resident Evil 5 development team will be gathering at the Union Square GameStop in San Francisco to celebrate the game's release and make some new game announcements, Capcom says.


Co-producers Takeuchi and Kawata will be on hand with the motion capture and voice actors who played Chris, Sheva and Josh in the game. There will also be stage shows and Resident Evil activities throughout the night.

There will be limited space at the event so you better get there pretty early. The event kicks off about 8 p.m. and runs through midnight. If you want to pick up a copy of the game you'll need to stop by the Powell Street GameStop ahead of time and pay for it. They'll give you a proof of purchase wrist band.


Could this be when Capcom plans to announce a new Code Veronica update for the Wii? Even if that's the case what could the other game be?

Resident Evil 5 Launch Party!

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Captain K'nuckles

Code Veronica? How about the other, better, Claire Redfield game? You know, Resident Evil 2? Can we get a decent remake of that, Capcom? That, as the kids are saying, would be excelsior.