Canadian Sex Ed Game Stars Captain Condom, Wonder Vag

And a guy in a lucha libre mask with dong arms. And if you answer a question incorrectly in a flash game put together by London, Ontario's health service, he, uh, well ... jizzes on you. NSFW at the jump.

But if you answer correctly, you put up a super condom shield and splash back this villain, the "Sperminator." The game "Adventures in Sex City" was produced by the Middlesex London Health Unit, in an effort to teach teens about safe sex and their sexual well-being. You can play one of four characters to save Sex City from this creature, who apparently got his bulging penis-arms because he contracted an STD and didn't go down to the free clinic in time.


Gee, a health department telling kids arms will turn into giant penises if they get an STD? That sounds responsible.

If you're playing, protip: Pretty much every worst-case scenario is the correct answer. Although, no, you can't get the clap from a toilet seat. Unless you have unprotected sex with a toilet seat. In which case the clap is the least of your worries.


Adventures in Sex City [NSFW? Yeah, it's NSFW. Middlesex London Health Unit via Montreal Gazette]

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