Canada Truck Heist Nets $1 Million In PSPs, PS3s

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What the hell is going on in Canada this week? A freight heist outside Toronto bagged $1 million worth of PS3s and PSPs from two tractor trailers. Cops are looking for the suspects. Maybe it's the Canadian Army?


Police in a region west of Toronto say that on Monday, someone made off with truck hauling $500,000 worth of Sony merch. The next day, in the same area (Brampton, Ont.) thieves got another big rig carrying a load of similar value. The trailers appeared to have stolen while they were parked and the driver was away. One had a Nebraska license plate, the other was from Ontario.


Sony Canada wasn't immediately available for comment Thursday to the Canadian Press on whether the theft would result in a shortages at retailers for the coming holiday season.

Two Transport Trailer Loads Of Sony Products Stolen In Brampton, Ont. [The Canadian Press via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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One million dollars you say?