Can You Handle Watching Street Fighter High School: The Musical?

From the creators of the original Street Fighter High fan film comes the daring sequel, Street Fighter High School: The Musical. We dare you to watch both parts without feeling at least a little bit embarrassed for everyone involved.


Jennifer Zhang and crew return to the hallowed halls of Street Fighter High for a musical tribute to musical tributes. The cast of characters expands greatly this time around, including some familiar faces from a certain comic book company often associated with Capcom.


It's not that the follow-up is particularly bad. The costumes are mostly excellent, and the situations are just as silly as last time around. It's the music. Dressing up in Street Fighter costumes is interesting. Placing those characters in a ridiculous setting is interesting. Making them sing ridiculous song parodies for nearly 20 minutes? That might have been the step too far.

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Two words:


CRINGE!!! (Ryu's singing AAHHHH!!!)