Ryu has a crush on Chun-Li, Sakura has a crush on Ryu, Cammy can't seem to keep her clothes on, and Crimson Viper hasn't had her period in eight months. Welcome to Street Fighter High.

What if the characters from Capcom's popular fighting franchise were given the Dawson's Creek/Smallville treatment? It would probably go something like this. Street Fighter High takes popular Street Fighter characters and places them on the most dangerous fighting arena ever: High school.

Even newcomer Juri makes an appearance, taking home the award for best use of "Crazy Bitch" in a video game parody video.

According to one of the fan-films' co-producers, a cast and crew of about 40 people were gathered together to create this homage to everyone's favorite fighting franchise.

The end result?

"Is every part of you stretchy?"