Call Of Duty: World At War Gets Its Own iPhone App

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Thankfully, Call of Duty fans have been spared the shoehorning of the game's experience into an iPhone game, but offered something potentially better in the Call Of Duty: World At War Companion, now available to players for free.


The app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store as of yesterday, offers Call Of Duty: World At War who take these things seriously on-the-go access to game related news, World At War career stats, leaderboard access and more. That fun statistical data is carried over from the official Call Of Duty: World At War site, should you be a registered player.

Details on the Companion, straight from Activision, are as follows.

  • Stat-Tracking: Check your rank on key stats like K/D ratio, win/lose record and more.
  • Performance Tracking: Gain quick access to all of your weapon usage.
  • Link with Friends: Monitor online activity, and the stats of friends with linked accounts on to compare progress.
  • News: Access the latest news/blogs, Treyarch's community Twitter feed (Twitter: @JD_2020), as well as the latest on new maps, double XP weekends and contests.

Sounds like a nice freebie, something we hope other developers and publishers latch on to.

Grab the app from iTunes for your iPod Touch or iPhone, should you crave this sort of constant contact with your virtual WWII vet.

Call Of Duty: World At War Companion [iTunes]


That is really great. I wish they made this for the only COD that matters (mod war). That did not have enough stats at all.

I honestly hope they have an even better App i can use for MW2 that will tell me loads of stats just like Halo.