Call of Duty "Phenom Booter" Use Lands British Teen In The Slammer

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A U.K. teen using a tool called "Phenom Booter" to kick players off Call of Duty servers back in September is now enjoying a stay in jail following an investigation by the Manchester police department.

Phenom Booter, which triggers a denial-of-service attack that can clear a server of specific users, or all of them, is a hack that had been shopped around forums earlier in this year. Type it into YouTube and you'll see a number of demonstrations. The e-cops were able to trace the attack to the Greater Manchester area and, ultimately, to the unidentified 17-year-old in question. He faces charge of violating the U.K.'s Computer Misuse Act of 1990.

"Programs marketed in order to disrupt the online infrastructure not only affect individual players but have commercial and reputational consequences for the companies concerned," Detective Inspector Paul Hoare told the BBC. "These games attract both children and young people to the online environment and this type of crime can often be the precursor to further offending in more traditional areas of online crime."


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Murderers and rapists might be on the loose, but Manchester can sleep comfortably with the knowledge that they won't be terrorized by a videogame cheater no more.