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When people with money get married, a heavily manicured, storybook ceremony is to be expected because it's a public appearance of some sort. It's what takes place in private that is truly revelatory and Chad Ochocinco, noted gamer and iconoclast NFL star, apparently couldn't put down his controller when he popped the question to Evelyn Lozada.


Lest you think this is some kind of cute gaming-themed proposal, which we've featured here before, it doesn't sound like that at all. Speaking to Yahoo! Music, Lozada, the former "Basketball Wives" reality show star, said she didn't even know Ochocinco had proposed marriage to her until after she put the ring on herself.


Ochocinco told Lozada he called a jeweler over to the house, something she took to mean as he was planning on buying watches. "Jason from Beverly Hills gets to the house. He pulls out some rings. … Chad has his headset on 'cause he likes playing Call of Duty, FIFA, all of that stuff," Lozada told Yahoo! Music.

Ochocinco asked her which one she liked. Lozada said, "I don't know, this one," picking one out of a separate box and putting it on. "He goes, 'Alright, so we're engaged.'" she said. And Ochocinco went right back to shooting people in CoD. Never even took off his headset. Makes me wonder if he left his mike open, or if he said anything to his teammates or adversaries about it.

The two are scheduled to be married on July 4.

‘Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Says Chad Ochocinco Gave Her Engagement Ring While Playing ‘Call Of Duty' [Yahoo! Music]


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