Call of Duty DLC Now Coming To PlayStation First, Xbox Waits

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III wasn’t at Microsoft’s press conference, where the series has debuted for years. How come? It was at Sony’s event, and Microsoft’s DLC deal appears to have swapped hands. DLC is premiering first on PlayStation 4. This is only good news for Sony, not gamers.

Exclusive DLC is shitty, regardless of who gets it first. And PC owners? Who knows when they’ll get it—that always happens last.

PS4 owners will also get a multiplayer beta first in August.

The company debuted the first gameplay from the Treyarch-developed Black Ops III, as well. Four players were playing through the game together, running on walls and fightin’ mechs.

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I Love Big TDs

I know this is a big scalp as far as the business side, but I feel CoD is on a serious downward trajectory. AW was the first CoD where it doesn’t tell you how many people are playing and Ghosts was terrible. And all the rumors say AW was a pretty big fall off from Ghosts, which was a gentle decline from the year before.

Honestly, I personally am not a fan of the arena style gameplay. The more hyper-real modernish combat is what drew me in with CoD4 and MW2. This is probably the first CoD I am skipping since 4.

I could just play a remake of 4 and MW2 with patches to fix the exploits and bugs and a new map pack every 3 months from now til the end of time and be happy with it.