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​Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Barely Looks Like It Happens on Earth

Illustration for article titled em​Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare/em Barely Looks Like It Happens on Earth

Hoverbikes. Super-jumps. Lots of neon. The next installment in Activision's blockbuster FPS series is the most future-y one yet. Get ready for a lot of fancy screens and overlays!


If not for the presence of recognizable stuff like lamps and doors with knobs, you'd think this game was happening on a far-off planet. It's not. As is tradition at this point, the Xbox press conference opened with a Call of Duty game. DLC will come first to Xbox owners with Advanced Warfare, just like it's been for a while now.

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Alright, I'll say it: I'm ready for a World War II shooter again.