Call of Duty 5 Already Playable

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Sources tell us that the upcoming Call of Duty 5 game in development is already playable, and currently going through quality assurance.

Treyarch is also said to be the developer, and the title, we're told, is set in a WWII Pacific environment and will be using Call of Duty 4's engine, the same engine on which the upcoming James Bond: Quantum of Solace movie game is being built.

Yesterday, on the company's call to investors, Activision publishing CEO Mike Griffith said CoD5 would be coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and DS, in addition to a return for the franchise to PS2 and Wii for the first time in two years.


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seriously.... why? it makes no sense to go back to a WWII game when CoD4 Doubled the install base of the COD series. I loved CoD2, Skipped CoD3 and play the hell out of CoD4 every night. I think i'll be skiping CoD5 if they go back in time again.