Call of Duty 5 To Feature "New Military Theater"

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During the company's call to investors yesterday, Activision publishing CEO Mike Griffith revealed big plans for the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, which helped drive the company to a record $2.90 billion in revenue on the year.


"We'll bring the intensity of the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title to a new military theater," Griffith said, adding that CoD4's success "doubled" the franchise's user base.


According to GameSpot, Griffith also announced a broad multiplatform vision for the title:

"We'll launch on all four platforms we've participated on in fiscal [year] 2008," Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith referring to Call of Duty 4, which sold over 7 million units worldwide on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Nintendo DS in 2007. Griffiths then re-confirmed that "we'll [also] launch on the PS2 and the Wii," marking the series' return to the PS2 and Wii after a two-year hiatus.

A developer for the title was not announced, however. Rumors had suggested CoD4 developer Infinity Ward might have the exclusive, but a spokesperson for the publisher later said that Treyarch and Infinity Ward would continue to alternate installments on the series. We've heard that this one is in Treyarch's court, and will feature a Pacific WWII setting.

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I'd vote for oh, lets say Panama/south America mixed in with Afghanistan.

Think of it, you have vicious jungle fighting against terrorists/drug lords in one stage, then the mountain/village fighting in the next.

Another neat one to do would be Tears of the Sun style fighting in Africa.

Anyways, if they went south america/western asia, then we could do some whole Iran/Contra style stuff. You could have the rebels in S.A being secretly funded by some deal with the terrorists/insurgents in W.A. the people doing the dealing would be the focus of the last parts of the game, perhaps takign us to the caribian, or even to some shady folks in the Balkins.

To lay it out:

After the fall of Yugaslavia, and the defeat by Nato at Kosovo, a rogue militery cell based in serbia decided to start a war by proxy, by selling captured or leftover weapons to the folks in Southwest Asia, who then paid the money to the rebels in south america. Whent he connection comes out, it's a race against time to capture or kill the Serbian rogue element before they ether vanish into the war torn balkins or commit some scortched earth tactics via chemical weapons, as one last act of spite.