Call It a Hunch, but EA, LucasArts and BioWare Probably Aren't Making a Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

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Australia's classification board has received an application for an M-rated game entitled "Paper, Scissors, Stone," to be published jointly by Electronic Arts, BioWare and LucasArts. As amusing as the concept is, this is most likely Star Wars: The Old Republic, which will not include Australia (nor any countries outside North America or Europe) when the game launches Dec. 20.

Back in July, EA declined to commit to any timeframe for an Australasian launch; companies are known to file ratings applications under code name before they're ready to announce a launch date (EA recently did so with NFL Blitz in the U.S., calling it Madden Playbook Creator. The listing says "Paper, Scissors, Stone" involves "science fiction themes, violence and drug references; Online content variable." That sounds like a certain MMO that rhymes with "Schmold Schmepublic," but what do I know.


For now, the game due to launch in three weeks isn't region locked, so those who can get their hands on a copy may still play it Down Under, even if it is not formally available there.

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