Other fans wonder if this means that Toadette has actually been Peach this whole time since the two almost never appear together (unless you count stuff like one of the optional endings in Super Mario Run as canon). Is Rosalina also secretly a Toad? Is everybody? Or was this just Nintendo’s way of making Peach playable since in it she technically spends yet another whole game kidnapped by Bowser? If she’s really Toadette, by the way, then she hasn’t been kidnapped at all. Is Bowser just giving her an alibi?


None of these theories have firm evidence, so they’re easy to brush aside, right? But consider the art in the strategy guide for the original Super Mario Bros. on NES. It includes an illustration of “Princess Toadstool” who has both a mushroom AND A CROWN on her head. Maybe the artist commissioned to do the work just took the description literally, or maybe Toadette and Peach are actually related in some way. As one fan theorist suggested, maybe Toadette is only born every century or so, and destined to eventually replace the existing Peach and become the Mushroom Kingdom’s new head of state. Nintendo never has been very clear on how much time passes between each game.

When asked by Kotaku about this possibility and others, Nintendo did not immediately respond for comment. Either way, the truth is out there, and a discombobulated but determined fanbase is currently searching for it.