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Burnout's Big Surf Island Gets Priced

Illustration for article titled Burnouts Big Surf Island Gets Priced

The Big Surf Island expansion for Burnout Paradise is coming this Thursday to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. How much does Criterion's biggest add-on yet cost?


It's not cheap, but it should be worth it, adding a much-needed infusion of new drivable real estate to Burnout Paradise, with a handful of new cars to boot. How much will it set you back? We're looking at 1,000 Microsoft points on the Xbox 360, which translates to $12.99 on the PlayStation 3. For those of you in foreign lands, that's €12.99 or £9.99.

Certainly seems like a fair price to me, though your mileage may of course vary. Too much, or just enough? The comments section is all yours.


Big Surf Island - Pricing Confirmed [Criterion Games]

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PS3 being extra-charged? MS Points are 10$ for 800... so 200 would be 2.50... making this 12.50 (on the 360 anyhow) — I'll be buying this.