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Burnout Paradise Drives Off (Cheaply) Into The Sunset

Illustration for article titled Burnout Paradise Drives Off (Cheaply) Into The Sunset

With Criterion no longer providing downloadable content for Burnout Paradise, one of the generation's best-supported games is about to slide into the history books. So publisher EA is going to send it off with a bang.


EA announced on Friday that, until March 31, you'll be able to get Burnout Paradise and its roster of downloadable content for what amounts to a song. A $20 or $30 song, depending on your preferences.


For $30, you can get everything. The full game and all its downloadable content. For $20, meanwhile, those owning simply the game (or only a selection of its DLC) can get every piece of premium downloadable content.

For a game that not only looks great for its age, but plays great, that's quite the deal.

Note this is a download-only deal, which applies only to the PlayStation 3.

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"...which applies only to the PlayStation 3."

Ignoring the console with the 2nd largest user base of this generation (not to mention the PC) is certainly not a smart move.

I, for one, would buy it in an instant if this was made available on XBL. Too bad.

Edit: Nevermind, I'll just buy the Ultimate Box for less than half the price on Amazon.