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Goodbye, Burnout Paradise DLC, You Will Be Sorely Missed

Illustration for article titled Goodbye, Burnout Paradise DLC, You Will Be Sorely Missed

Criterion Games today announced that there will be no more downloadable content made available for Burnout Paradise. Now is not the time for tears. It is a time for thanks.


Burnout Paradise was released two years ago, and has been constantly updated with content - both free and paid - ever since. New areas, new cars, even new game modes have been made available over ten individual updates, the first of which was released in April 2008, and the last in July 2009.

It's the closest a console title has come to matching Valve's diligent maintenance of Team Fortress 2, and fans of either game will attest as to how awesome that is.


While few developers have followed Criterion's lead, let's give thanks to the game anyway, for showing the world you can keep a console title (and its player base) relevant long after its disappeared from the "new release" section of a game store.

[CriterionGames @ Twitter]

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Carlos Shabo

still one of the best next gen games