Burnout Bikes: 15 More Hours of Gameplay, No Nasty Crashes

Multiplayer's Steven Totilo (we like him round these here parts) connects the dots on why crashes in the new Burnout Bikes expansion can't be as smash-em-up awesome as the car wrecks in Burnout Paradise. To keep a T for Teen rating, you probably can't have ragdolls flying off bikes and slamming into telephone poles, the pavement, etc. So when you fly off the handle of your racing bike, you'll disappear, and the bike itself will stay fully intact. Totilo got a hands-on with the expansion pack, due out in the next couple of months. The rundown: Your rider can be of either gender; weather effects and a day/night cycle are due in the final version; and while it's due for both consoles, the PS3 will get it first, as Electronic Arts wants to get a previous expansion already out on PS3 to the 360, and then bikes. There's more at the link. More Wheelies, Less Crashing - How Motorcycles Work In ‘Burnout Paradise' [MTV Multiplayer]


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