Burger King Trades Buns For More Meat

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As video game news site Famitsu.com reports, Burger King is rolling out a new limited-time “Extreme” burger in Japan.


Called Extreme Chou (超, meaning “super”, “ultra” or “extreme”) One Pound Beef Burger, the 510 gram burger features four beef patties and no buns, clocking in 1,236 kcal.

Priced at 1,400 yen ($13.44), the burger will only be available between November 20 and December 3 in Japan. Those who order the burger will get a sticker that reads, “I did it. Extreme Chou One Pound Beef Burger.”

This isn’t the first all-meat no-bun burger, either, and over the years, we’ve seen a variety of non-bun burgers, whether that’s replacing the bread with Camembert cheese, tomato slices, or ramen noodles.

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Some years ago (a decade?) there was a tomato shortage and BK wasn’t putting tomatoes on whoppers unless you specifically asked. I figured “meh, it’s a tomato, who cares?” Well, that was easily the worst whopper I ever had. And since that point, even with tomatoes on, I can still taste why. Their meat is so...gross...it’s entire taste seems to hang on a tomato being there to cover it up.

No other restaurant, fast food or otherwise, seems to have this particular issue.

I don’t go to BK anymore, but I most certainly won’t go for MORE of their meat.