This is not a fake April Fools’ Day joke. You can actually buy Burger King cologne today in Japan. Promise!

As previously reported, the “flame-grilled” scent is a special one-day only affair. It’s an April Fools’ gag made real.

In the video below, you can see an unboxing from Kotaku reader Corbin, who said the cologne smells more like tacos than hamburgers. Which, honestly, sounds fine by me! Though, the 5,000 yen price tag (nearly US$50) doesn’t.

Late last month, Japanese website Gigazine got a first look (whiff?) at the cologne before it went on sale today, also noting some people thought it smelled like tacos or burritos.

[Photo: Gigazine]

Below, you can see more confirmation from Corbin’s Facebook as well as elsewhere online in Japan:

[Photo: Corbin]

[Photo: susics2011]

[Photo: yosumuracamera]

[Photo: aya_8917]

[Photo: ICHIMIworks]

[Photo: Gigazine]

[Photo: Rolling_in_Cash]

[Photo: RBB Today]

Top photo: Gigazine

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