Bungie Makes Its MMO Official — But It's Not 'Warcraft in Space'

Rumored for more than a month, Bungie's next project is an MMO, the developer confirmed today at GDC 2011. But David Aldridge, the studio's lead network engineer, said it is not "WoW in space," referencing earlier reports of the project. Aldridge did not give any other details, such as a title, but we've already been told it's to be called "Destiny," among other details. [IGN]



I wish I could go back to a simpler time when I didn't know a game even existed until I saw it on the shelf at my local video store. I'd beg my mom to rent it, take it home, play it, and be surprised by every little thing in that game because I went into the game knowing absolutely nothing of what I was playing. (Kind of like the first time I played Halo:CE, actually! :D) But now with all the media attention surrounding every little tidbit that trickles forth about high-profile games, I've started to feel like I've already played the games before they've even been released.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Bungie is making something new. But I hope they stick with the strategy of not breathing a word about it until they actually have something worth showing, or a beta worth playing.