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Bungie Definitively Shuts Down Halo: Reach/Natal Speculation

Illustration for article titled Bungie Definitively Shuts Down Halo: Reach/Natal Speculation

Rumors that Halo: Reach might be Natal-enabled were close to flatlining of late, but the subject never got a flat-out "no." Well, now it has. The studio says emphatically that it is not a Natal title.


That's the newsy news out of a fun-filled "mythbusters" post Bungie put up about Halo: Reach's development. Natal rumors had been fueled by two things. One, studio head Harold Ryan's comments over the summer that he "absolutely" thought Reach could be Natal-enabled. Two, a screenshot showing an off-center crosshair (above, annotation by Bungie), which some took to mean as evidence of motion-controlled shooting.


Well, Bungie says the screen shot was a mistake and even provides the bug report to go along with it. ("Impact: This makes the Internet freak out.") And then the studio says: "Halo: Reach is NOT a Natal title and is being developed expressly with the traditional Xbox 360 controller in mind." So there.

They also clear up issues regarding the HUD color (and HUD color customization) and other topics, so check it out at the link.

Bungie Weekly Update 01.29.10 [Bungie]

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Frankly, the logistics of a Natal fps make my head hurt. I mean, how would it work? Aim in the air with an imaginary gun and yell "bang bang" every time you wanted to shoot?