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From the same fanbase that brought you “building Oxford inside Oxford” and “building Petra outside Petra” comes this, “building Civilization V’s UN inside the UN”.

Reddit user asahcool was at the United Nations in New York the other day representing his college at the UNA Global Engagement conference. He was supposed to be learning how to “inform, inspire, and mobilize the American people to support the ideals and vital work of the United Nations”.


Instead, by building this, he’s learned that the most effective UN resolutions are banning salt and making Communism the Official World Ideology.

UPDATE 7:40pm - Sadly, it’s a fake. Dude just took a screenshot then opened his laptop at the opportune time (if you squint, you can see a Fraps notice just under his strategic resources counter). My man, it would have been almost as easy to actually get to this point in the game, sleep your laptop then open it for the photo rather than pull this nonsense!

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