Dude Builds Civ Wonder In Front Of Actual Wonder

When Peripatet was in Jordan visiting the ancient wonder of Petra, he had only one thing on his mind: dragging along a laptop and a copy of Civilization V, and building the video game version of Petra in front of the real thing.

Yeah, there are easier ways of doing this—the Opera House wouldn't kill me, for example—but modern wonders like that or Notre Dame are easy to get to and play video games around. Petra is not.


Having worked his way up the opposite cliff face to reach a Bedouin's tent with a good view of the place (above), he got to work "beelining to Currency" (ie fast-tracking his way to the necessary tech required to build Petra).

With just 6% of his battery remaining, he made it. This is pretty much the face I'd make.

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