Build This Woman a Minecraft Palace and She'll Live With You Forever

If you build it, there's a chance you might meet her. Actress / comedian Kristen Schaal wants you to show her how beautiful Minecraft on the Xperia Play can be. In exchange, you might just get to find out how adorable she is up close.


And suddenly I wish I had an Xperia Play.

The face of Xperia Play gaming (and voice of Trixie the dinosaur from Toy Story 3) is looking for a few good Minecrafters to design her something special using the mobile version of the indie sensation. Submit a video of your offering to her via the Build for Kristen Facebook page, and you could walk away with a trip to New York, where she'll be lying in wait, eyes glowing red with adorable evil.


"I've always had a soft spot for gamers, so the chance to do something with Xperia Play gamers, and Minecraft gamers in particular, was something that I was totally into," said Kristen Schaal, comedian and Minecraft newbie. "Plus, I am looking forward to having the world's largest collection of giant, pixelated buildings."

A representative for Minecraft developer Mojang will take part in the judging process to make sure Kristen doesn't just award the grand prize to someone making a giant picture of her face out of diamonds.

Build for Kristen [Facebook]

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Did anyone else find the dialogue to be a little... creepy? Maybe I'm not the target audience, being married and all, but the whole "live there forever" in a Minecraft "palace" seemed to be to be a bit of a disturbing fantasy.