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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Build-A-Bear Have Some Great Keyboards

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Because you may not have been inside one of these stores in a long time/ever, let me show you that Build-a-Bear have some of the most amazing keyboards on planet Earth.

I was in a store on the weekend with my kid, bracing myself for the pricing for a birthday party, when I saw another child hammering away on a keyboard at the computer station where custom bears are designed. A keyboard that looked amazing.


Because you may not believe me, look at this shit:


I know, it takes a while for your eyes to focus, because there are so many things in competition for their attention.

  • There’s the Ren & Stimpy-ass font.
  • The colour-coded function keys.
  • The fact it looks very much like the mother of all keyboards, an IBM Model M (which sadly it’s not...the case may be, but they are definitely not mechanical keys).

For me, though, the best part is the bear button. Because there is a bear button.




Just sitting there, smilin’. On most of our keyboards, that’s a Windows logo, but here? A cute lil’ bear face.


You can’t seem to be able to buy these, which is a shame. Meaning the only way you’ll get to enjoy one short of some arts & craft modifications is if you can find your nearest store, walk in, kick a kid off their special day’s work and ask the staff why Battlefield isn’t installed.