Brutal Platformer Standby Dares You To Speedrun It

Standby is hardcore platformer by Noclip. Blazing a trail through technicolor obstacle courses, players slide along walls, dodge lasers, and leap massive gaps. It is demanding, technical, and beautiful in motion. We rush our way through in this Kotaku Plays.


The initial challenges in Standby seem tame. Sliding through barriers or bouncing off walls is as natural as it has ever bee. But Standby is a tricky beast and ramps things up fast. You have to react quickly while thinking a few seconds ahead.

In the best of times, the experience takes on a zen-like flow. In the worst, it can be a frustrating process of banging against walls and getting zapped by hazards. I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if a dedicated speedrunner got their hands on this game.


Think you have what it takes? You can check out a free demo version here.

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Wow. Almost no game gives me motion sickness issues, except for a couple of VR ones, but watching 2min of this made me have to stop it for fear of vomiting. Weird.