Just kidding. Well, kinda.

Dave Oshry here. You may remember me from when I filled in for Owen back in January or you may have seen me hanging around the likes of VG24/7, PC Gamer, Gameranx or my old homestead, RipTen. Perhaps you know me from Twitter? Or maybe you have absolutely no idea who the hell I am, and that's perfectly understandable if not downright normal.


I had a great time guest editing Kotaku on the last go around and you all seemed to not hate me or the stories I posted, so the gang was more than happy to have me back and I hope that you are too.

Last time I was here I told you what Remedy thought of what Rockstar did with Max Payne 3, recounted the sad tale of a Wikia founder who'd been outcast, showed you how to play Skyrim on a tablet and sat down with the CEO of Razer who was "sick and tired" of the lack of innovation in the PC industry.


This time I've got what I think are some pretty cool features lined up for the weekend as well. Some interviews, some impressions, but you tell me! What do you want to see this weekend? Want me to round up the news we missed? Want me to focus on developer interviews? Want to hear my opinions? (probably not) How about gameplay videos? PC benchmarks? Kotaku Melodic? Total Recall? Tentacle porn?!

Have at me! I'm all ears and I'll be here for 36 hours straight - much to the chagrin of my beagle who is probably just beginning to realize that he won't be going to the park this weekend.


So let's get to it. How horribly wrong can this possibly go? I mean, it's not as if they introduced a rage-inducing new commenting system just before I got here, right? Right?!


Image by Chad Lakkis & Chris Carlson