Remedy Says What Rockstar Has Done With Max Payne is "Brilliant"

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It's never easy taking over an IP from somebody else. Especially when that IP is so iconic. Luckily, Rockstar Games is the sort of company who rises to a challenge and rarely lets us down. Although Max Payne has been in development for what seems like an eternity now, the closer we finally get to launch, the better and better it looks.

I recently caught up with Remedy Entertainment, the original creators of Max Payne (and now Alan Wake) who sold the franchise to Take Two in 2002 for $10 million dollars and a motherload of shares of TTwo stock.

After playing a bit of Alan Wake's American Nightmare (which I quite enjoyed) Remedy's head of franchise development "Ozz" Hakkinen and I got to talking about other things. One of those things was Max Payne 3.


I asked him what he thought about what Rockstar has done with Max Payne. I mean, Max Payne 2 came out almost 10 years ago and Remedy has not been involved in the development Max Payne 3 nor has series writer and creator Sam Lake. Yet, none of that seemed to matter. His answer was simply one word. "Brilliant."

"We absolutely love what they've done and couldn't be more proud of where the series is headed"

"I mean, they don't really make shitty games, do they? It's as if the Rockstar logo has become this, "Seal of quality."

I agreed, but it was at that point that I brought up Manhunt 2 and we shared a laugh. Everybody gets one Rockstar... everybody gets one.

So Rockstar Games, if you're listening, keep up the "brilliant" work!

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"Seal of Quality" I'm sorry I don't agree with that at all. Their gameplay, the things I get to do as the player aren't good in ANY of their games. The only quality they have now is in production values because their previous games have sold enough that they can hire people to make things look pretty.

In Grand Theft Auto, you don't notice or mind the weak gameplay as much because you have all that freedom, and the same thing in Red Dead Redemption except they at least fixed their crappy vehicle controls with the nice horses...but I've still never really liked those games either. Bethesda also does the same thing, but they at least present me with FAR more freedom, and a large variety of combat options with slightly better controls. Max Payne simply involves more gunplay, and Rockstar has never made good controlling and responsive shooting controls without having to artificially slow the game down.

I also don't think Rockstar's storytelling is particularly impressive, and relies too much on mimicking the films their games are based on than telling new stories, but damn they're extremely overrated for that trait. They also don't make much use of player choice and actual interactivity with the stories either, especially more often since Grand Theft Auto 4 started putting more money into cutscenes than improving their dated never was good gameplay.

Remedy does a better job crafting stories in video games than Rockstar, and they do a FARRRR better job with actual gameplay and controls than Rockstar ever has. All I can credit Rockstar for is making games that explore different storytelling genres, and if they could do that well than I would like them.