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British Teeth

To: Crecente From: Luke Today, Ash had the day off. Some Japanese public holiday, no doubt related to something noble, ancient and revered. Tomorrow, I have the day off. For a very Australian public holiday. Related to a horse race. The Melbourne Cup. We all ("we" being the people of Melbourne and the Australian Capital Territory) get the day off so we can take part in our own noble and revered traditions. Namely, gambling and getting drunk during the day. Oh, and the headline? Has nothing to do with the dental standards of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I just always thought it'd be a great name for a racehorse. British Teeth. Here's what you missed while counting sheep: Universal Buys Rights To EA's Dante's Inferno The PlayStation 3 Vending Machine Game Boy Lives On As Home For Amazing Boxing Cartoon Microsoft Top Brass Not Exactly Happy With XBL Downtime


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