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See anything familiar, British readers? I bet you do. Because if you looked at last week's charts, popped out for a bit to do some shopping, then came home to read this week's charts, you'd be hard pressed to spot the difference. Indeed, if Pro Evo on the Wii hadn't displaced Cooking Mama 2 at the foot of the top 10 we'd be looking at the exact same ten games as we were this time last week.


1) GTA IV (360)
2) GTA IV (PS3)
3) Wii Fit
4) Mario Kart Wii
5) Wii Play
6) Mario & Sonic at the Olympics
7) Brain Training
8) GT5: Prologue
9) Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
10) Pro Evo 2008 (Wii)


British Individual-Format Sales Charts courtesy of ChartTrack [Pic]

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"6) Mario & Sonic at the Olympics"