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Britain has Septuagenarian Gamers, Too

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

First we found a 78-year-old Japanese gamer, now there's a 70-year-old Brit who is likewise an FPS enthusiast. He's completed Call of Duty: World at War single-player at all difficulty levels. Gamezine has the interview.


"My family, I think they approve because it stops me hanging around on street corners and getting into mischief, LOL," says Stanley Thompson, and yes, that LOL is all his, too. "When I tell people that I play FPS games online, they say, “what at your age?” So I tell them it keeps my mind sharp and gives me something to do other than watching TV all day."

Thompson, 70, is a member of the gaming clan *TBE* (his nicknames are IraAten, IraAten*TBE* and Maybe70uk.) His preferred games are a who's who of the FPS genre — Joint Operations, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor. But he got his start as a serious gamer back in 2000 with Monster Truck Madness, and another racer. I'd love to see a 62-year-old guy racing monster trucks online. It's way more hilarious than getting your ass shot by someone old enough to have a living memory of World War II.


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