Bridesmaids Director In Talks For Female-Led Ghostbusters Reboot

Illustration for article titled iBridesmaids/i Director In Talks For Female-Led iGhostbusters/i Reboot

Though all the chatter lately has been about the status of Ghostbusters 3, Variety is reporting that Paul Feig, who helmed lady-led comedies The Heat and Bridesmaids, is being courted by Sony to produce a Ghostbusters reboot with female leads.


Variety says there has been "conversation" but not negotiations, per se. The trade also says the script would be "written from scratch," which means the lady Ghostbusters would probably not just be genderbent versions of the old ghostbusting team.

No word on whether this reboot would be produced instead of Ghostbusters 3, but I would assume we all hope that's what would happen. Either way, this sounds pretty promising to me, though still fragile right now.


But let's go ahead and roll with this and start fancasting, keeping in mind it probably won't just be the old team as women. Give us your picks.

source: Variety

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Not a popular opinion, but this series is in the "comedy" realm, which women do not do as well in as men. Nothing wrong with that, the two genders are better at different things, and comedy in general is not done as well by women. There are some few cases where this is not true, but the general rule still applies. This is especially applicable to Bridesmaids which was a terrible comedy movie. Over-reliance on the "Women don't do gross things, so here are women doing gross things" and "let's drag this awkward moment out as long as possible" tropes are the lowest form of movie comedy, and it would be ill-advised for a Ghostbusters movie.