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Brewster Is Finally In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, If You Know Where To Look

Nintendo added everyone's favorite barista to ACNH but he can be tricky to find

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Brewster serves an Animal Crossing villager a coffee.
Screenshot: Nintendo

After a long wait, Animal Crossing’s Brewster has finally arrived in New Horizons slightly ahead of schedule, at least if you know where to find him. Nintendo may have given players a head start on the game’s massive 2.0 update, but the coffee slinging pigeon isn’t hiding in plain sight.

Every ACNH player will no doubt run into him eventually, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you don’t want to wait any longer than you have to. So here are the steps to bring the caffeine-fueled entrepreneur to your island sooner than later:

  • Have the museum built and the art wing complete.
  • Get a three-star island rating (that’s when K.K. Slider visits).
  • Make sure you’ve already donated one of every type of specimen including a sea creature to Blathers.
  • Go talk to Blathers, and he’ll tell you about Brewster.
  • Go talk to Kapp’n and have him take you to a new island.
  • Find Brewster there.
  • Go back to the museum and tell Blathers you found him.

GameXplain also has a helpful how-to video on the topic:

GameXplain / YouTube

It sounds simple enough, and it is as long as you hit all of the steps. Players have already started flooding the ACNH subreddit with questions about Brewster not showing up because one of these steps wasn’t triggered. Complicating matters is the fact that Kapp’n, another long anticipated addition to New Horizons, only allows one boat tour per day (and it costs 1,000 Nook Miles). If you go on the tour before Blathers tells you about Brewster, you won’t see him appear on the new island. Only the ACNH island representative can meet Brewster, so if multiple people use your Nintendo Switch, make sure you’re using the main account too.


Getting Brewster to move in takes a day of construction as well, so if you don’t execute correctly his arrival will be delayed even further. Unless you want to start time traveling. Grimace emoji.

If you haven’t been keeping up with ACNH this whole time, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Building the museum and getting a three-star rating won’t happen overnight. But with Animal Crossing it’s always been about the journey. Even some hardcore players have committed to starting the game over from scratch to celebrate its new onslaught of content. No matter how long it takes to get your island prepared, Brewster will be ready when you finally do.