Itā€™s been a good year for games. Trying to arrive at a shortlist for the best ones to come out in 2017 is going be tough. But every time I think Iā€™ve finally started to cool on The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, it finds a new way to warm my heart. Have you ever stopped and marveled at the gameā€™s horse AI?

A player going by Otonashi Yuzuru recently shared a moment that beautifully conveys the types of magic that continues to crop up during a playthrough of the game. Trying to feed their horse on a bridge Yuzuru unloaded a bunch of apples. It has apparently been nicked by some arrows and they wanted to restore its health. The horse wasnā€™t having it though.

Image via Reddit.

Yuzuru was able to find it again after visiting a stable, telling another person in a thread about the video, ā€œHe was unharmed, just went for a little swim.ā€

Usually you expect a horse to simply glitch out of existence when it starts behaving weirdly in a video game, but Breath of the Wild has found a way to incorporate the inscrutable mind of Linkā€™s riding companions into the rest of its gameplay. Iā€™ve lost Roach plenty of times in The Witcher 3 and once it fell from view that was it.


Thereā€™s a lot of things that make Breath of the Wild such an irresistible game, but the way it manages to make its programmed world feel like it has a life of its own is a big part of what keeps me going back.