Breath Of The Wild Now Supports Custom Dungeons And Maps (On PC)

Illustration for article titled iBreath Of The Wild/i Now Supports Custom Dungeons And Maps (On PC)

The emulated version of Breath of the Wild has all sorts of weird and wild extras the actual Switch edition doesn’t, but until now these have mostly been cosmetic in nature. A new set of tools changes this dramatically, by allowing for custom levels to be built and imported into the game.

As seen in this vid by BSOD, HailToDodongo released the necessary tools last week, and we’re already seeing people come up with custom stages. Users are able to import new creations to replace both shrines and the open world itself, so of course one of the first examples we’ve seen is a Mario 64 homage:

If you stuck around for the video’s second half, you’d also have seen mention of the Too Many Options Graphics Pack, which lets you toggle a ton of different visual options, ranging from Link’s skin colour to the length of the game’s grass to lighting changes.

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Weird choice in wording for the title considering “support” would indicate it is something the developers added or intended when a “pc version” is the pirated version in the first place. these are just more hacks and mods. they are not “supported”.