Braid Creator Names, Details Next Game 'The Witness'

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Independent developer Number None's follow up to Braid, the time-shifting puzzle adventure game, will be The Witness, an exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island. Hold onto that knowledge, for it will be a long wait before you get The Witness.


The developer recently began hiring for The Witness, described in job listings as "philosophical and quiet" and placing "a heavy emphasis on the way things look." That look will take sometime to nail down, apparently, as the game is slated for a release in "late 2011." That's a "hopefully" late 2011, according to the game's official, currently minimal web site.

The only other nugget of information offered to the desperate to pick at is a snippet from the Tao Te Ching, which serves as a poor fact sheet.

Like Braid, The Witness is planned for release on multiple platforms, "whatever makes sense in late 2011," according to the official description.

The Witness [Official Site via the Braid blog]


Char Aznable

Did anyone ever play that old Mac exploration game around 1995? You started on some beach and had to do puzzles in each area to move on...