Boy Asks For 3DS For Christmas, Gets Box Full Of Rocks Instead

It might not have been as saucy as a collection of sexy images, but it still makes for a tale of Christmas heartbreak: according to a report on Fox, a boy from Talladega woke up on December 25 to find a Nintendo 3DS box waiting for him. Only there was no 3DS inside.


Instead, it was... a box full of rocks. Wrapped in tissue paper. While you might think it's a Craigslist scam, it's not; instead, the boy's mother bought it from Walmart, where it seems this is a thing, with scammers buying goods, taking them out, stuffing the boxes with heavy substitutes then returning them, busy/lazy staff not even bothering to check the contents of the goods.

All's well that ends well, though, as once local Walmart staff were informed the boy was quickly given a real 3DS to play with.

Talladega mom buys Nintendo 3DS, gets a box full of rocks [Fox]

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