This Five Year Old Kid Accidentally Got A 3DS Full Of Porn For Christmas

The dangers of buying used, people. According to 9News, this Christmas, the Giles family found themselves horrified after their five year old son, Braydon Giles, found racy pictures on his refurbished 3DS. Presumably, the pictures came from previous owners who utilized the system's camera function. (...who the hell DOES that? For porn, I mean.)

The pictures were discovered when the kid asked his older brother with some help in deleting the pictures. There were nine in all.


Naturally, the father—Mark Giles—returned the 3DS. GameStop apologized for not catching the pictures before trying to sell the system, and then offered the family a new 3DS.

Despite being appreciative, the father doesn't feel that the new 3DS really makes up for what happened.


"You can't unsee this he's 5 years old maybe when he's 18 or 20 maybe he won't know anything about it but he's not going to forget about this tomorrow," Giles said.

As our own Chris Person put it: "You can't refurb a kid's brain."


Family finds racy photos on 5-year-old's Christmas gift [9News Via Gizmodo]

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