Box Scores: Grillin' Hot Dogs

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Once again, there is nothing more American than taking down some hoon playing America's Team in Madden online. Especially when you do it on a 4th and goal with no timeouts, instead of kicking a tying field goal.


Kotaku reader Ant06 encountered said hoon in a Madden quickmatch and decided to send America's Other Team, the Minnesota Brettfavres, after him. Leading 14-10 at the half, Ant06 realized this was going to be a match-burning contest with the last one to score winning. Ant06 took a 28-24 lead with 3:49 left, an eternity in Madden. Sure enough, Hoon chewed clock and scored with 52 seconds left to make it 31-28.

A miracle return by Percy Harvin, all the way to the Dallas 6 - Hoon must have overrun the play eight times, or kicked it to the wrong side and got caught out of position - gave new life to the Vikings. Mindful that any time on the clock was probably too much, Ant06 actually kneeled on second down from the Dallas 1. But then, 4th and 1, 19 seconds left, clock running. Ant06 said the hell with kicking a game-tying field goal and instead went with an Adrian Peterson run, which hit paydirt for the 35-31 victory.

Here's the Box Score!

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Now the Kotaku Sports open thread commences with the sports TV schedule for today and tomorrow. All times are U.S. Eastern.

  • College Football
    At noon, choose from Florida vs. Miami (of Ohio!) on ESPN, or Western Michigan at Michigan State, and since that's ESPN2 and a titanic MAC-Big Ten tilt, something tells me Pam Ward's calling the action. Rivalry games include Illinois vs Missouri at St. Louis on FSN at 12:30 and Purdue at Notre Dame on NBC at 3:30. North Carolina, sans 12 players including its starting secondary thanks to cheating, lying, academic fraud and all sorts of other fun stuff, spreads its buttcheeks for LSU in Atlanta on ABC, 8 p.m. The night's best matchup is likely Oregon State and TCU, from Cowboys Stadium, 7:45 p.m. on the Worldwide Leader.

    Monday, don't forget Boise State at Virginia Tech, playing in Raljon, Md. at 8 p.m., ESPN
  • Tennis
    The U.S. Open's women's third rounds are underway on CBS today and at 11 a.m. tomorrow, the men finish the third round while the women play the fourth.
  • Racin'
    Labor Day's a big race weekend, and the Emory Healthcare 500 runs on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. Sunday from Hotlanta, the penultimate race before the Chase for the Cup begins. I realize the irony of using a four-syllable word, much less "penultimate" in a NASCAR writeup.
  • Major League Baseball
    Cincinnati at St. Louis looked good once upon a time, but with the Cardinals eight games out, this is now worth watching only if Aroldis Chapman's bazooka fastball makes an appearance. Other options are Texas at Minnesota, a potential playoff preview, or the Angels at Oakland, which probably won't even create a traffic jam on the 580. Fox, 4 p.m.

    Oh and, Mets-Cubs, WGN at 1. Scoop of chocolate, scoop of vanilla, don't waste my time.

    Tomorrow is laundry day - White Sox at Red Sox, TBS at 1:30, worthwhile only to see what kind of reaction Manny Ramirez gets in his second Beantown return this year. Giants and Dodgers have delusions of relevance on ESPN at 8 p.m. And again, Mets at Cubs, WGN, 2:10 if you need background noise.

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Anyone watching the Florida game? I don't even care for the team but they are playing like straight trash without Tebow leading them. Can't snap for nothing and doing stupid penalties left and right.