Australians who pre-loaded the PC version of Borderlands found an extra file hinting their version was a "low-violence" flavor. 2K, according to Ausgamers, said no censorship was made to receive classification Down Under, and they're "working on clearing this up."

Pre-loaders of the PC version over Steam found the file "borderlands_low_violence.ncf" in their download; it's not a part of the North American version. When contacted about the file, 2K Australia said:

We have been talking to the US 2K team via email and working out how this happened/ what the next steps are to amend this via Steam. They're working on clearing this up with Valve right now and know to ask how they will handle those people who have already d/l'ed the wrong version.

So, bottom line for Aussies: No content changes were made to receive classification, but this file does make the game "a wrong version." 2K promises to have this cleared up by Oct. 30 - three days after Oct. 27, the game's original unlock date for Europe and Australia.

Whew! Glad they're hot on the case. Because, for real, seeing a level 18 bruiser's face melt off, and his eyeballs pop out and roll down a flight of stairs, after a critical shock sniper attack, is simply not to be missed. Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything.

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