Borderlands 3 Bosses Are Getting Wrecked By A Powerful New Weapon

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Borderlands 3 may have over one billion guns, but right now, all players need is one.


In addition to new enemies and missions, the ongoing “Revenge of the Cartels” event in Borderlands 3 introduced a number of new legendary weapons for players to mess around with. The one that’s gotten the most attention is the Yellowcake, a radioactive rocket launcher whose projectiles split to inflict massive damage on any unfortunate enemies in its path.

Since the event started, Borderlands players have been showing off their Yellowcake drops as well as the devastating effects this weapon can have on bosses, even at the highest post-game Mayhem level. The effects increase with certain builds, but it seems like any character can lay waste to battlefields with this weapon.

Things get really nuts when weapon Anointments, which are special randomized attributes, get added to the mix. With “Revenge of the Cartels,” guns can now be anointed with a bonus that increases their damage by three times when used on enemies with over 90% health. This may seem transient, but the Yellowcake kills dudes so fast that you really only need one shot to defeat even the toughest enemies.

Gearbox has proven to be heavy-handed when it comes to fine-tuning strong Borderlands 3 weapons, and there’s no reason to think they won’t nerf the Yellowcake as soon as possible. But until then, be sure to grab one of these incredible rocket launchers from the event’s unique Cartel enemies and go to town.

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This has been the first rocket launcher i’ve enjoyed using!