Borderlands 2 Tips Its Cap to a Dark Souls Fan Favorite With This Easter Egg

Borderlands and Demon's Souls were two of 2009's biggest hits, measured by sales and/or popular acclaim. So there's a nice symmetry in seeing Borderlands 2 paying homage to Dark Souls with an Easter egg encountered in the Caustic Caverns.

There's a ghost sitting on a rock, which is enough of a visual Easter egg. But the snickering NPC's name is Solitaire, which might reference the insane Solaire of Astora, a fan-favorite character in Dark Souls.

YouTube user Rofl316 uploaded this video, saying he waited at the campsite for 30 minutes to see if there was a puzzle or a quest associated. Near as he can tell, there is not.


Dark Souls Makes An Appearance In Borderlands 2 [Game Informer. YouTube video uploaded by Rofl316]

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Hi Owen.

Whilst creating this article was great and such, I now know that there is a Dark/Demon Souls easter egg in Borderlands 2 that I otherwise would not have known about. You have reduced my overall wonderment and splendour at the game by a slight amount.

Please, could you not post the actual spoiler itself in the title of the article giving it away? It almost comes off slightly obnoxious along with the thumbnail basically giving away what the easter egg is too when you put 'Spoiler Alert' as the tag.

In short, please be a bit more considerate next time? Either post the article with no thumbnail or don't do either.

If you manage to read this and you action this/take my comments on board, then it is greatly appreciated and I thank you. :)