Borderlands 2 Takes Your Suggestions for Its Special Edition Premiums

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What would you like to see in a Borderlands 2 Collector's Edition? A box that opens up like a Crimson Lance chest? A psycho mask? Fake skaggy poo? A life-size rakk hive?


That last one might be a little tough, but Gearbox Software is taking suggestions for what premiums Borderlands diehards would like to see in a collector's edition when Borderlands 2 releases in 2012. They've opened an official thread on the Gearbox forums, so go in there and sound off. It's a studio that's very well known for its fan service, so maybe your idea will fly.


As someone who pumped at least 60 hours into that game, let me weigh in with my preferences. Realistically, they need to give a code for a truly balls-out in game weapon, as that's been one of the franchise's creative calling cards. Unrealistically, I want a See-n-Say Claptrap. Pull the string, and a Claptrap spins in the center, coming to rest on one of the game's many catchphrases, or Claptrap saying "The Skag goes ... 'Hlarglrbrfrgh.'"

Borderlands Collectors Edition Suggestions [Gearbox]

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I don't give a crap about in-game goes against the game anyway. You're supposed to play, and get the loot as a reward for killing or quest completiong, not get stuff just for paying more.

Give me an artbook now that you made Borderlands look nice Gearbox, and that's all, don't want anything else to inflate the price.