There's box art and there's box art, and just as CD insert is no comparison to an album cover, so is a DVD case no match for the artistry of a board-game box. Last week's 'Shop Contest asked everyone to reconcile the latter two.

Leading off, Laodicea-Dude (14) captures what a perfectly boring obligation it would be to play Tetris in real life. RandMan612 (18) gets a nod not so much for the 'Shop skills here but for the thought (and incumbency. Dude's been a multi-finalist before).

Lando Calrissian (13) supplied a quick but winning theme. Green. (10) and DrZaius had similar ideas that showcased great use of text. a.seivewright (1) proves Parker Brothers can milk a franchise, too. Ryan (19) asks some uncomfortable questions in L.A. Noire: Domestic Edition.

The best and most creative board games show the most use, and with that in mind, Blue Hinter (3) gives Minecraft the perfect treatment.

Duck45 (7) was very close to my No. 1. So was Jeremy Stephens (11). In the end I went with Milamputechture (15). Bill's expression just makes the whole picture. Also, "ages 7-Death."


Great work, everybody. See you in here tomorrow.