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Blizzard Takes Game Servers Offline To Fix Login Issues [Update]

Illustration for article titled Blizzard Takes Game Servers Offline To Fix Login Issues [Update]

If you woke up this morning hoping to log some hours with Overwatch (or Hearthstone, or Heroes of the Storm), you probably had issues trying to login to Blizzard’s game client. Five hours later, Blizzard is still working on fixing the problem. [Update 12:59AM] Blizzard says the problems have been resolved.


Original story follows.


The issues started around 6:00AM EDT, at which point Blizzard customer service reported getting complaints from players who couldn’t logon to play Overwatch.

After receiving more and more reports of problems and no apparent end in sight, Blizzard took its authentication servers offline to protect its hardware while it continued to try and investigate what was preventing players from logging on.


Players from different online games, like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, took to reddit to commiserate over the outage and speculate about its ultimate causes. In the past, Blizzard has been the victim of DDoS attacks, artificial upticks in traffic that are used to cripple a company’s servers cause some people just want to interfere with coveted weekend gaming sessions.

A minor inconvenience for some, others got hit by the outage at the worst possible moment, like Heathstone player Archonn who had just gotten the lethal damage he needed to destroy his opponent and hit Legendary rank.

It’s still unclear what the cause of the server problems were in this case or when Blizzard will have the problem fixed. So meanwhile go collect some eggs or something.

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Wow the game is down for quite some time then. Still no thanks able to login as of 9pm Pacific. They better extend the Uprising event.