Blizzard Sends Nice Wedding Cakes

[Image: Jessica Kim | Facebook]
[Image: Jessica Kim | Facebook]

That is, if the groom is one of the greatest StarCraft players to ever live.

Lim Yo-hwan (aka BoxeR) secretly married Korean actress Ka Yeon Kim back in 2011, when everyone, including Kotaku, still thought they were dating.

[Image: Jessica Kim | Facebook]
[Image: Jessica Kim | Facebook]

Recently, the two finally decided to hold a wedding ceremony, and, as tipster Sang points out, Blizzard sent the following cake, with a topper featuring BoxeR as a Marine and his wife as a Medic.

According to tipster Sang, the writing on the cake reads, “Nuclear Love Launch Detected” and “Everyone at Blizzard congratulates the Emperor’s wedding so very much.” Of course, “The Emperor of Terran” is one of BoxeR’s nicknames.

This has gotta be one of South Korea’s strongest two-player teams.

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