BlazBlue Portable Strikes Stateside In March

The PSP version of Arc System Works' BlazBlue comes to North America in March, complete with a new game mode, a shop full of unlockable content, and Unlimited versions of all twelve characters. Check out the announcement trailer.

The 2D fighting game that confused the hell out of button mashers everywhere on the PlayStation and Xbox 360 is going portable. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Portable is coming to North American retail and the PlayStation Store in March, a mere month after the game's release in Japan. The PSP version sports all of the features of the console release albeit a bit smaller, along with several new features exclusive to the portable version. There's the Legion Mode, which is a survival mode with a bit of strategy thrown in for good measure; Shop Mode, where you can spend points accrued during your battles to unlock art and such; and of course, powerful Unlimited forms for the entire cast.

"Every frame of animation and hit box is painstakingly replicated from the original game, so all of your combos work without a hitch. It's really nice when you need your BB fix on the go," says Michael Manzanares, Project Lead. "And new Unlimited versions of your favorite characters don't hurt, either."

I figured more a more powerful version of a fighting game character would hurt a lot, but Michael there is the professional, so we'll defer to him.

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